Episode 8

Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson and Putnamville Roundtable

Maserati-E and Chris Redlitz welcome
Special Guest Curtis ’50 Cent” Jackson.
Also a special roundtable
with Putnamville Students.

About The Show

“When artists are speaking in a way that glorifies criminality, it’s because of a lack of information. Hiphop culture loves things that are damaged. The experience itself sounds so beautiful when it’s in musical form.”
-Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson

In this insightful interview on The Last Mile Radio, Jackson reflects on his visit to Putnamville Prison in Indiana. He discusses the importance of programs like The Last Mile that provide education and vocational training to incarcerated individuals, giving them opportunities to learn marketable skills and increasing their chances of success upon release. Jackson emphasizes how developing a passion, whether it’s music, writing, or coding, can be transformative for those in prison. He shares his own experience of finding his passion for music while incarcerated and how it changed his life trajectory. Jackson also touches on the power of mentorship and positive influences, as well as the societal and cultural factors that can contribute to cycles of incarceration. His presence and words of wisdom clearly had a profound impact on the incarcerated students he spoke with. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the potential for education and mentorship to break cycles of recidivism and create positive change. It offers a thought-provoking look at criminal justice reform through the lens of a public figure who has personal experience with the system.

(00:00:00) Introduction
(00:00:55) Unexpected visit from Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson at Putnamville Prison
(00:02:58) Finding passion in prison and its potential to transform lives
(00:05:20) Increasing graphicness in music lyrics and television content
(00:07:16) Presence and validation as sources of motivation for incarcerated individuals
(00:09:25) Legacy and the impact of helping others
(00:10:21) The influence of early intervention programs on youth
(00:13:02) Shifting cultural perceptions through fashion choices
(00:13:57) Reflection on the interview with 50 Cent
(00:15:23) The importance of multiple streams of income and entrepreneurship
(00:16:37) 50 Cent’s commitment to being a changemaker and future collaborations with The

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