Michael “Harry O” Harris

“I just think that we all need to take responsibility for what happens in our community and how we can help fix it. It’s not about us against them and them against us. It’s about how we make the world better and how we figure out how to deal with each other in a more […]

Nancy Hunt & Nile Rodgers

Nile& Nancy TitleCard/Edit

“Young people have the answers, and we’re here to identify them and give them a voice.” – Nancy Hunt “We said, could we put ‘We Are Family’ the song to work in a way that brings people together?”– Nile Rodgers Grammy Award Winning Musician Nile Rodgers joins his wife and cofounder of We Are Family […]

Ryan Leaf

Ryan Leaf

“I’m a huge proponent of decriminalization. You remove it, you take the fentanyl out of the pills that are counterfeit on the streets. You tax it, you give them information on how to get help. It’s like clean needle exchange. It’s harm reduction. We’re about harm reduction right now.”-Ryan Leaf Ryan Leaf is a former […]

Richard Cabral

Richard Cabral

“There are these laws and systems that are designed to keep Black and Brown children behind these bars…I feel that I grabbed what they were trying to make us, as victims, and I took it as strength.” -Richard Cabral Richard Cabral is an Emmy-nominated actor and a former gang member from East Los Angeles. Previously […]

Father Greg Boyle

Father Greg Boyle Hero 2

“For 40 years I’ve worked with gang members. I’ve ever met a bad person. I’ve ever met an evil person. You would think maybe I might have, but I haven’t. I’ve met despondent people, and mentally ill people, and traumatized people, but uh I’ve never met anybody evil. Everybody’s unshakably good, and there are no […]

Danielle Ponder

Danielle Ponder Hero

“We’re spending fortunes arresting people for petty crimes like petty larceny, mostly poor, Black, and Brown individuals. Meanwhile, the real issue is poverty and addiction—services, not cells, would actually make a difference.”-Danielle Ponder Danielle Ponder is a multi-talented musician and former public defender who has made a significant impact in both the legal and entertainment […]

Aloe Blacc

Aloe Blacc Hero

“When you think about an individual, an icon like Martin Luther King and all of the amazing work that he did, you don’t often think about, but you also have to recognize there is no income in activism” In this compelling interview on The Last Mile Radio, Aloe Blacc discusses his journey as an artivist […]

Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson and Putnamville Roundtable

Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson

“When artists are speaking in a way that glorifies criminality, it’s because of a lack of information. Hiphop culture loves things that are damaged. The experience itself sounds so beautiful when it’s in musical form.”-Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson In this insightful interview on The Last Mile Radio, Jackson reflects on his visit to Putnamville Prison […]


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